Travel strengthens my passion for supporting the rights of all people to peace, health and dignity. In my years spent living and traveling abroad, I have been privileged to connect with people vastly different from me in tradition, custom and belief, and these connections inspire and inform my sculptures. Gathering textile scraps from all over the world, I form them into shapes, adding fibers, rust, and found objects. I stitch, glue, paint, hammer and wire, building sculptural figures layer by layer on rebar or industrial cardboard tubes. Threads join the diverse materials, representing human to human connection. Rust represents the process of change, beautiful and decaying at the same time. Mirror fragments remind us to see ourselves in each other.

My artwork celebrates cultural diversity with its nontraditional representation of the wide variety of humanity. It is my hope that viewers will be inspired to respect and honor others across cultural divides and to work toward equality and justice for every living person.  My work is a visible form of my wish for world peace.