Travel strengthens my passion for human rights and diversity in appearance, custom, and belief. Gathering textile scraps from other lands, I add fibers, rust, and found objects. I stitch and glue, paint, hammer and wire, building sculptural figures layer by layer on industrial cardboard tubes. Threads represent human to human connection. Rust represents the process of change, both the degradation and the beauty. Mirror fragments reflect aspects of Totem Neighbors that could be us.

Street Children originate from the same spirit of equality for every living person. I paint mixed-media canvases and stitch small garments on rusty rebar to evoke the truth of homeless, displaced, and indigenous children I’ve known and seen during decades of travel and living in other lands.

The artwork contributes to human rights through non-traditional representation of human differences, and relatable expression of children’s reality. It is a visible form of my wish for world peace.